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Возраст -

Shalom Aleihem, everyone!

On September, 11 we had a Memory Day in Stolin. It was a working day, but, however, there were many people in the House of Culture. There was no empty place in the hall (about 400 people). We devoted this Day to the 60th anniversary destruction of Stolin ghetto, and also to all victims of violence and terrorism (it doesn’t matter what nationality they have).

We visited Stasino before the cerremony in the House of Culture. There were two buses. One was for local people and schoolchildren who wanted to visit Stasino. The other was from Pinsk with the Jews of Pinsk and schoolchildren from Jewish school (its headmaster in Moisha Fhima). In Stasino people from nearby villages gathered to take part in ceremony. Moisha Fhima read Kaddish and prayed for a long time near the monument. We also played with him we walked around the grave. We put the stones to the monument. The local people brought flowers. I said a few words as well as Moisha Fhima, local people and some officials.

There were 4 people (casting) on the stage. I am in Jewish costume, Tanya is in Belarussian, and two persons Oksana and Natasha in Ukrainian and Polish costumes. There were candles around the stage. We told about the Jews of Stolin ghetto and their death.

We also told that in all times the victims of genocide were not only Jews, but Belorussians, Russians, Pols and Americans.

The second part of the Memory Day was musical. About 30 performers and musical groups expressed their opinion towards genocide, war and peace and sang songs. I sang 4 songs: “Bels”, “Mamele”, “Izkereim” and one Belarussian song. The ceremony lasted 4 hours.

There were guests from 3 Ambassies: Russian, Ukrainian and German. The representative from Polish Ambassy couldn’t come. And there was nobody from Israel Ambassy. Their secretary said that they didn’t receive our invitation (by post). I sent all the invitation to all Ambassies the same day. But I had a paper from the post that they had brought the invitation to the Ambassy. The Mayor of Stolin was also our guest. He thanked us for the event and a high level of it.

For Two days before the ceremony there was news on Belarussian TV and they showed the Memory Day a year ago, in Rubel.

On the Memory Day there were correspondents of two local newspapers and from Brest and Minsk.

I send you the photos from the Memory Day.
Michael. M

день памяти в Столине

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