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Поиск Любви  
Возраст -

Stolin Day Memory

Exuse my having kept silence.
First of all I look forward to tell you about Memory Day.
It was solemn, mournful and poetic affecting ceremony at the same time.
There were very many people: our commune jewery as well as from Pinsk, Brest, Minsk,
many of native vesidents of Stolin and neigh boving villages
Carlin-Stolin synagogue rabbi Moisha Fima arrived from England; Authority Representatives of Stolin , Brest Region, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation General Consul to Republic of Belorus, presented there ; many newspapers and TV reporer were there as well.
Everyone was erying , while listening story about tragedy , survived by several generations of the Stolins, Came up to us owning to your farthe registration.
We were singing songs in Idish, those songs , which innocent martyrs song while they were alive, not knowing, what they should heve to.
Mouining candls were lightning, violin sounding, that implled us to return to poetic memoirs pre-war jewish life pictures at one moment, and enduring us in horor of war at ather ones.
All presented regreted it very deeply and were mourning for innocent martyrs.
Rabbi read Kadish above the tomb in Stasino. There were many people as well, most of which were crying.
After we kept silence for moment and everyone was going through of having head again and again , mourning fo victims. On returning to Stolin people said that such a measure had neve taken place in Stolin and many things began to be for gotten after some time. But it mustr`t be admitted .
Every year , since the day everyone will get together in Stolin on Memory Day.
I send you a photo, which was taken on Memory Day;
Zayt Gezund. Moisha.

"Michail Cernavski"

день памяти в Столине

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