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Возраст -

     The author of "The Truth about the Minsk Getto", Abram Rubenchik, should have died at age 13. It was so planned by Hitler and his criminal regime. However thanks to Abrams thirst for life, as well as some good fortune, he survived the dreadful conditions of the Minsk Getto and became a partisan soldier. He struggled against German invaders who slaughtered the Jews of Belorussia - including his own family.
     Abram Rubenchik wrote the book based on his recollections many years after the Second World War, But his tenacious childhood mind recalls vivid pictures of Jewish life in the Minsk Getto and in the partisans as wel as the authors struggle against his peoples killers
     The book is indeed a riveting testimony of one of the rare survivors of the Minsk Getto. In the book, Abram pays homage to those innocent European Jews killed in the fires of Holocaust. At the same time, his book serves as a monument to the Jewish heroes - the fighters of the resistance.
     The true value of the book lies in the honesty and sincerity of the authors writing in this retrospective documentary. The author hopes that translating the boor to English and Hebrew will indeed enlighten those who know little or nothing about the tragedy in the Minsk Ghetto.There is now doubt that these translations will educate the youth about the war, as well as attempt the noble quest of protecting the Peace.

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