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Портал "СОЮЗ"

> 20 000 посетителей ежедневно

> 300 000 посетителей в месяц

> 90 % посетителей - из Израиля

> 200 000 страниц, просматриваемых ежедневно

Наша баннерная система позволяет получать самые информативные и удобные отчеты в режиме реального времени!

 Реклама в Русскоязычном Израильском Интернете  ::

Welcome To "SOUZ"
First Israeli Portal in Russian


Russian-speaking population in Israel reaches 1 300 000, from which 500 000 have access to the Internet. Most of the Russian Internet public in Israel never visited popular Hebrew portals.

"SOUZ" provides an easy, lucrative and interesting service for the Russian-speaking Israeli audience in the Internet.
"SOUZ" includes convenient and effective information retrieval systems, a catalogue of Russian resources in the Internet and Israeli resources in English and Hebrew with description in Russian, chats, forums, announcements, interest clubs, news, games, the various directories, encyclopedia about Israel, advice of the lawyer, search of job etc.


Today we are the biggest "Russian" Internet site in the Western World (outside the countries former USSR).
      Daily :
- more than 20 000 Unique Users,
- 90 % - from Israel,
- 250 000 pages
      Monthly :
- more than 300 000 Unique Users
These figures are constantly increased!


- Advertising and promotion in Portal "SOUZ"
- Planning and realization of advertising campaign for Russian population of Israel
- Advertising and promotion in the "Russian" Internet sites of Israel, Russia, World

Advertising in "SOUZ" is the best way
to reach all "Russian" market in Israel

Price list in English (Word doc)   DOWNLOAD

Sincerely yours

Alexander Yakub
Managing director

E-mail: info@souz.co.il

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